Payouts in online casinos: rules and features

Withdrawing the money won in the casino is an exciting and enjoyable moment for every player. The pleasure of the game itself cannot compete with the range of feelings that you experience when receiving a cash prize.

This article is not going to touch upon how to win at the casino, but will answer the most pressing financial questions that arise from the customers of virtual gambling clubs. Here you will find tips that will help avoid difficulties and make the withdrawal process fast and easy.

A Little About Payment Systems

Many people notice that some gambling portals offer tens of financial systems while others have up to five payment methods. This is related to the main demands of the casino customers, with the proposed terms of cooperation, the possibility of using the system abroad, etc.

It should be noted that many online casinos offer more ways to make a deposit than there are ways to withdraw funds. This is explained by the casino’s intention to protect itself and its customers from malefactors, because there are payment systems that do not provide information about people carrying out cash transactions.

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There are virtual institutions, where a player may withdraw currency using only the same account and payment system, by means of which the deposit was made.

A large list of payment systems offered for the convenience of customers does not always indicate the solidity of the institution. This may be an indicator of interest of the casino’s management in making a profit. But do not take this phrase as a dogma, too. Serious and reliable gaming portals offer their users a wide choice of payment system.

Currency that can be used

Online casinos allow depositing in different currencies, but the game can be played only with some of them. What currency can be used to play, you better find out on the casino website.

If the player wants to use the multicurrency betting system, you should seek clarification from support, whether this method is allowed to play the game. As a rule, the client is denied the opportunity to bet immediately in €, euros, U.S. dollars or other currencies.

Do not hurry to replenish the deposit with non-game currency. To begin with, specify the exchange rate on the site, sometimes it is more profitable to carry out the replenishment of the specific game monetary units.

The Future of Online Casinos

Bitcoins and casinos

Cryptocurrency in the virtual gambling business has found wide application. Most gambling resources provide customers with the opportunity to bet and win in bitcoins.

Virtual institutions have appeared where the game is played only for bitcoins. But the main part of online casinos accept cryptocurrency along with other currency units.

Refill Bonuses

More and more online gambling clubs provide their customers with small bonuses if the game account is funded according to the terms and conditions of the casino. Such bonuses have a simple wagering system, so if the client is satisfied with the recommended method, you should not refuse such action.

Pay attention to the small print

Before agreeing to all the rules and conditions put forward online casino, carefully study the entire text paragraph by paragraph. Pay special attention to those sections, which stipulate financial matters. Some provisions require special attention:

  1. Cash turnover of deposit funds. Some gambling resources, before withdrawing money requires the player to make bets, the total amount of which must be more than the deposit. Otherwise, the client will have to pay a commission. These conditions should help to combat financial fraud.
  2. The amount of the maximum payment. The upper limit of the amount to be withdrawn may depend on the chosen payment system and the status of the client casino. If the client is configured to play with big bets, you need to advise support service casino, whether it is possible to increase the limit.
  3. Payment of the progressive jackpot. The won jackpot can be received in full or in parts. There is an interesting feature with different methods of withdrawal. Choosing monthly payments, it is possible to get a larger amount than the lump sum payment.
  4. Lack of activity on the site. Going to take a break from the game, make sure that the game account will be serviced without charging a fee.

This kind of surprises can significantly spoil the mood of the player.

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Restrictions on the withdrawal of foreign currency

In every virtual casino, you can find established limits on withdrawals from the deposit. The maximum withdrawal limit can be set for a month, a week, a day or a single withdrawal. Besides, clients with different game statuses using different levels of the incentive system do not have the same limits on the maximum amount withdrawal. For clients with VIP status such restrictions may be waived.

Withdrawal of the jackpot on some sites is possible in parts, so as not to violate the established rules of the casino, or pick up another solution that does not contradict the policies.

Limit not only the maximum amount, but also the lower limit of withdrawable amounts. It depends on the charter of the institution and the practice of the payment system. WEBMONEY purse transfers without limits, which, of course, attracts players and casino management. Other payment systems have a set minimum limit, so it is technically impossible to receive lesser amounts.

The speed of money transactions

The speed at which the money will leave the deposit will depend on:

  •  The number of casino employees.
  •  The status of the player (customers who play at high stakes, served by a personal manager).
  •  Security program online casinos.
  •  Territorial location.
  •  Terms and conditions of the electronic money system.

Withdrawal of the first amount is slow, but the following operations will be faster when the identity of the client is verified. About how long it will take such a procedure, reputable institutions warn in advance.

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Necessary documents

When withdrawing funds, the casino may ask for additional documents. This is a necessary measure to protect against the actions of fraudsters, so do not worry.

The entire required list of documents is publicly available on the casino website, but you can clarify them with customer service. It is recommended to prepare a package of documents in advance to avoid problems with identity confirmation.

But the additional verification of the player is subjected only to the withdrawal of large sums of money. For a small amount of money, the data entered during registration is enough.

Security of financial operations, and what it depends on

Take advantage of sound advice from gamblers:

  •  Start the game on solid gaming sites, choose a proven payment system.
  •  Keep receipts for depositing funds, make a screenshot of the screen when making payments over the Internet. This will help resolve any disputes.
  •  Do not agree to the user agreement without reading it. Don’t become the cause of your own troubles.
  •  Limit yourself to one account on the casino site.
  •  Carefully specify the exact data, try to avoid mistakes to avoid suspicions of fraud.

To summarize, the customer should be extremely attentive to details and honest. This will make the withdrawal of money unproblematic and easy.

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