Payment systems at online casinos

One of the first questions that arise from those wishing to play at online casinos for money, is the question of financial transactions: how to deposit to the casino and, accordingly, how to withdraw the money won.

Nowadays, there are a considerable number of payment systems that allow you to quickly, conveniently and securely pay for goods and services on the Internet. Many payment systems are used in online casinos to conduct transactions of financial means of its players. Each player can choose and use the best way for himself to deposit and withdraw money at the casino online.

Deposit and withdrawal at online casinos

Essentially, the process of financial transactions at online casinos for players consists of two actions: depositing and withdrawing funds. Depositing is the first step that allows players to start playing at the casino and betting for real money. It is customary to associate depositing with bonuses offered by the casino – for example, welcome bonuses, refunds of a portion of a loss, or simply standard bonuses that offer different amounts.

Withdrawals are the reverse action when players decide to withdraw. The main rule: withdrawals take longer than deposits because online casino cashiers need to process a lot of activity before they confirm players’ winnings. The wait is also related to the withdrawal method: withdrawing with a credit card will almost certainly be faster than with an e-wallet, but this varies from casino to casino.



Casinos that use Yandex.Money

It is a respected payment service in the world financial market, in the last few years Yandex team made a lot regarding security, every client is obliged to register officially to use it sending the administration scans of his passport and even a notary certified document proving his residence address.

Only after that the client receives a Yandex Wallet and a Yandex.Money bank card. These services can be used to pay for goods, services on the Internet. All transactions are fast and simple. In addition, you can make payments and transfers here without registration.

The system is constantly developing and improving, and it has been serving online casinos for quite a long time. A person wishing to make a deposit should create a Yandex wallet. After that, he will need to open the site of the casino page “Deposit”, select from the existing services Yandex.Money and transfer funds. Then on the specified e-mail will notification with the code that is entered in the payment, and when the funds come into account, too, will receive a message. Let’s notice that Yandex. Money with success cooperates with thousand services, including entertaining.

Service guarantees:

Transfer of funds in the shortest time.
Simple and convenient service.
Guarantee of confidentiality.
Safety when making payments.
High-quality service.
Possibility to recharge in various ways.

However, everyone who wants to deal with Yandex. Money should know: the system makes all payments only in European € and converts all other currencies in accordance with the rate set by Yandex.


Casinos that use VISA

This payment system is chosen by many residents of European countries to buy goods in online stores in different countries and all kinds of services, and it is ideal for making payments in the virtual casino. Bank card VISA may issue any bank, entering into an agreement with the client. Making payments with this card is convenient, easy and fast.

To make any financial transaction on a gaming site with VISA, you need to log in to the “Cashier”, choose in the proposed window payment method, indicate the amount and send a payment.

All self-respecting online gambling establishments require card data at registration, and this is a guarantee of money transfer security. But you should not be afraid of disclosure of personal information – online casinos protect their reputation and will not allow problematic situations.

By the way, each user usually has a favorite club or casino that has never let him down, and newcomers should be very careful to select a gambling establishment, asking about its reputation.

The Visa system is characterized by:

Instant transactions.
Popularity of its brand.
Its reliability is impeccable.
The ability to operate finances in casinos.

Undoubtedly, one can specify many more advantages of Visa payment system, and it deserves a separate description. However, as noted by the players, the withdrawal of funds in gambling clubs is accompanied by some restrictions, but it is better to learn about this on the site of the institution itself.


Casinos that use WebMoney

WebMoney system is very popular among users of the Internet, it has existed for a very long time and is used for various financial payments: services of mobile operators, telephony, Internet, behavior of utility bills and other positions. Today this service serves millions of citizens all over the world and introduces new projects and it is hard to find a person who does not know what the system Webmoney is.

To become a client of Webmoney, it is necessary to do what is usually put on such services – to register and start a webmoney purse. This procedure takes time and requires caution, because here is a prerequisite – not only the provision of personal information, but also the implementation of the rules of the bank, responsible for operations webmoney in each country.

As for the personal information, it must be entered on a mandatory basis, but it is required only for the personal safety of the client and his funds. To avoid mistakes in registration, you should visit the site of the system and study it carefully – there are detailed instructions on this question.

Webmoney payment system is:

The anonymity of each user and the safety of the transfer of his money.
Practically instantaneous transactions.
Autonomous money transfer from terminals and Webmoney cards.
Guarantee of withdrawal of funds during the game at the casino.
System work in each gambling establishment.

Transactions with payments in gambling establishments occur in seconds, you only need to go to its website and specify the method of transfer. However, experienced players note that it takes a little more time to withdraw money from the casino account.


Casinos that use MasterCard

The MasterCard payment system is also very popular, it has been on the market for more than 20 years and is successfully developing, introducing various innovations in its products. People all around the world use this system, opening accounts and cards (debit and credit) to pay for various services.

The system is also used for payments at online casinos, practically at all of them. In order to deposit or withdraw funds you need to perform the traditional procedure: choose among the proposed services Mastercard, enter the card data into the form, and send a payment.

Clients of the system can not worry about their privacy, because personal information will not go beyond the database of the company, which gives a guarantee in this to each client.

MasterCard features:

Extremely easy money transfers.
Instantaneous speed of payments.
Safety of client’s money.
Availability of Mastercard system in every online casino.

Recently, some users report cases of inability to pay with this system, but before you play at an online casino, you should learn more about it. Moreover, you should ask about the reliability of the gambling establishment and only after that make payments.


The casinos that use Maestro

The Maestro payment system is another service opened by MasterCard; however, it is characterized by autonomy and sufficient independence. Thus, Maestro offers its clients to open debit cards. The client’s funds on them are kept in the bank, and the client can use them at his own discretion for as long as he wants, until they run out. And there are cards where you can put some amount of money independent of the bank.

Advantages of the Maestro system:

Easy and convenient to use.
Quickness of sending and receiving payments.
Availability of prepaid cards.
Popularity in casino services.

But Maestro cards are not accepted in foreign online casinos, why so – it is difficult to know, and on the official resource on this subject there is no explanation. Therefore, before you register and play at any casino, Maestro card holders are advised to find out whether it is possible to pay by Maestro card.


Casinos that use Skrill

Skrill started in 2003 as Moneybookers and initially focused on sports betting and online casino payments, but it has changed and expanded its operations with a rebranding and is now positioned as a financial services company. Today Skrill conducts payment transactions in 170 countries, including the Australian countries. Its popularity over the years has grown to unprecedented proportions.

Features of Skrill:

Simplicity and convenience of payment.
Reliability and security guarantees.
Fast transactions.
Installed to all online casinos without exception.
Impossibility of login for anonymous users.

Skrill system supports 39 currencies of the world and quickly converts them, but the European ruble is absent from this list, which, however, does not stop people of Europa in the desire to try out gambling.


Casinos that use Neteller

The payment system Neteller appeared on the European market six years ago, but since that time it has become well-known and in demand. Experts attribute such success to the successful partnership between Neteller and system that gives customers additional financial opportunities and works for the popularity of Neteller. Registration and an open account are required to pay using this system.

Advantages of Neteller:

Simplicity and good speed when making transactions.
Ability to get your own Net+ financial card.
Availability of the system in all, including foreign gambling clubs and casinos.
Guarantee of security of payments.

Users note that a high commission is charged for transactions.


Casinos that use Ukash

A distinctive feature of the Ukash system was the presence of electronic vouchers that were invented for the security of payments. Such vouchers can be purchased at various banks and other financial service outlets.

The owner of the voucher can pay for things, equipment and other items on the Internet, to pay for the services of mobile operators, housing and utilities, the Internet, including the services of a virtual casino. Interestingly, when making these payments, the customer can not specify their personal information.

Features of Ukash:

Ability to manage the account in the online casino.
Guarantee of complete anonymity of the user.
Ability to issue a bank card MasterCard.

Casino customers call the minuses frequent absence of the system on the sites of European gambling establishments and poor translation of the functionality into European.



Click2Pay casinos

Click2Pay payment system was launched in the last decade of the 21st century, but despite its youth, the company has managed to win popularity and respect of its partners and users. With this service, people in different parts of the world arrange and pay for their online purchases, home appliances, cosmetics, and more in online stores.

Through Click2Pay you can also pay for casino services and withdraw money from your account. If you are already registered on the gaming resource, then you do not need to do anything special – just fill out the payment form. Note that when you register Click2Pay is better to tie your wallet to your card. After that, finances will move on your account by themselves.


Simplicity and speed of payments.
Popularity on foreign gaming resources.
Ability to obtain a Click2Pay/MAESTRO debit card.

Card anonymous, can be used for financial transactions in the casino, and the path of the money is not tracked. Everything about Click2Pay system operation is described on the company’s website, but not everyone can read it: the functionality is not translated into European. However, if you contact the administrators, they will advise you in European. The company’s results show that the service is safe and reliable.



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