How to distinguish the original slots from the fake

Licensed slot machines – is the pledge of pleasure from the game, a guarantee of winning and the ability to withdraw all the honestly earned prizes. Original slots from honest developers have strictly controlled by the GSF and found only on licensed sites. Fake slot machines are often set up to “rip off” customers and enrich the unclean hands of owners of unlicensed software products.

How to protect yourself from such a trap? In this article, we will give tips, the use of which will help protect yourself and insure against playing fake slots.

Licensed online slot machines

As in the market of electronics and consumer software have their own leaders, and in the field of gaming software are leading developers, the names of which are known and the products deserve full confidence. We are talking about companies like for example: Microgaming, Novomatic, Playtech. These brands are a kind of quality sign, confirming that before you a decent gaming product with payout ratio of 95-98%.

How to distinguish the original slots from the fake

Specialists of the company-developer themselves establish all the necessary settings, including the RTP slot machine. And only then pass it to the buyer. Representatives of the casino does not have the opportunity to tweak the percentage payoff and make significant changes in the stuffing. They only have access to statistics on slot machines and freespin adjustment in accordance with ongoing promotions.

Each licensed slot machine undergoes a three-stage reliability and quality control:

  • Pre-sale and subsequent periodic checks by the manufacturer;
  • Random number generator testing in a special laboratory;
  • Control by an international auditor.

In fact, licensed online machines – a finished product with the factory settings, which the casino can not “recreate” for themselves. In addition, the developer company subsequently conducts regular checks slots to ensure the correctness of their functioning. All working databases are stored on secure servers, the developer, which does not have access to employees online casinos. Constantly updated cunning protection guards products from data loss, niaganis, malfunctions and virus attacks.

Some companies have as a structural unit, a laboratory for testing GSH or apply to an independent organization for this purpose. It determines the fairness and impartiality of this module in all slot machines on sale.

The audit check is carried out by international companies such as eCOGRA. Based on the results of this audit, a certificate is issued confirming the proper quality of the product.

This multi-stage control ensures the reliability and integrity of certified online slot machines.

Fake online slot machines

It would seem that everything is so tightly controlled, then where are the victims of pirated software? Licensed software is expensive and only legally operating online casinos that value their reputation and care about customer comfort can afford it.

“Gray” gambling houses do not want to spend money on original software and want to be able to avoid checks of developers and change the settings of machines in their favor. They give rise to a demand for pirate slots – clones of the original, but with modified stuffing.

Such online machines “rivet” homegrown firms. They are usually inferior in quality original, but often found very high quality fakes, which can be distinguished from branded is quite difficult. Artisans accurately copy the design of the original slot, changing only the algorithm of its operation.

There is another approach: the slot is not created from scratch, but is remade from the disassembled original “parts”. Then it is multiplied and put on sale at a price of 1-2 thousand dollars, while the branded product costs dozens of times more. For example, to run an online casino with NetEnt products, the company requires to pay a “security deposit” of 200 thousand euros.

Clones of original slots of famous manufacturers are set up by casino owners themselves, of course, in their favor. Therefore, to win in such machines is extremely difficult or even unrealistic, it all depends on the greed of the owner. Dealers who do not have money to buy decent software is unlikely to set an honest percentage of returns. That is why it is important to play in reliable casinos, not profiteering on their customers.

How to distinguish the original slots from the fake

How to determine that the slot is fake

First of all, you should always choose only licensed online casinos for safe play for money. However, playmers are becoming more and more dodgy and use a lot of tricks to make their sites look indistinguishable from online casino sites with a license. They do not just place the “false” license information, but steal it from honest sites. Therefore, when checking on the site of the regulator of dishonest casino data player can find the license number and the name of the company, which such a license really belongs. But it is not a fact that this company even knows about the existence of a site that uses its honest name and license information.

Fortunately, there is another way to check that you are facing licensed slot machines and original slots. All verified slot machines run on the servers of their developers. But fake slot machines use other servers. Accordingly, you only need to check the server from which your favorite game is running, so that everything becomes clear at once.

It is the server that receives and sends requests, respectively, is responsible for the correctness of the work, the honest settings of the GSR and winnings.

Attention! To check the authenticity of the game software do not need special skills or any special software. Enough ordinary browser and knowledge of what settings to watch.

There are many versions of how to visually distinguish fake software from the licensed one. But gone are the days when playmers did not know how to fake a quality design. Modern fake slot machines and originals look almost identical, have a similar menu and sound. Therefore, to play “find 10 differences” makes no sense. Checking the casino license and control server interested in the game – the only 100% way to find licensed slot machines.

Servers of popular developers

To check what server to transfer information, just look at the settings flash player. But it is desirable to do it in the money game mode. Usually in the demo mode is the main control server, but other options are also possible. To exclude the possibility of error, press “Play for Real” to check.

Each developer has one or more (which is rare) control servers. So it is enough to know their addresses, so as not to leak your bankroll to cheaters.

NetEnt – *
Microgaming – *
Novomatic – *
Amatic –
Quickspin –
Betsoft – *
Endorfina – *
Yggdrasil – *
Thunderkick – *
Play’n GO – *

Ways to check slot machine servers

It is not enough to know the official servers of the developers of gaming software, you need to be able to check this information on the website of the online casino.

As soon as the flash game begins to load, you can check what’s in front of you: fake slot machines or original slots. You can do this in different ways.

Call by clicking on the right mouse button “Adobe Flash Player Options”.
A small window will open, which will specify exactly the address of the control server. If the site is a licensed slot machines, you will see the address, which contains the server corresponding to the developer.

For example, we have run at an online casino site ShangriLa slot machine Gonzo’s Quest from NetEnt. As you can see in the screenshot, the server corresponds to the developer – *


Attention! Not always the browser or a particular game allows you to call options for Adobe Flash Player by pressing the right mouse button. Do not panic if you can not. This means that just this method of looking for fake slot machines does not suit you. And you should go to one of the following.

View the information on the frame.

If the right click to drop a text menu of this type, as shown in the picture, then the data on the server can be checked on the information about the frame.

If you click on the “Frame Information”, you will see a window with the information, in which the control server is listed. Its name is in the “Address” line, as shown in the screenshot below. The name of the slot machine is displayed in the “Title” field.

In this case, for the machine Gonzo’s Quest from NetEnt we see the server address *, which corresponds to the official developer’s data.

Attention! Your browser may not have a menu item “Frame Information”, it is also not bad. In this case, go to another way to find information about the control server of the slot machine.

Choose “View Code” in the settings.

If in the properties of Adobe Flash Player there are no sections described in paragraphs 1 and 2, then you need to select the option “View code”. It will be available in any browser.

This method is a bit more complicated, because you have to check the server address manually. So, knowing the developer, we simply call the search with “CTRL + F” and enter the address of the domain in the window that appears.

We are for Gonzo’s Quest from NetEnt entered in the search box “”. Since online casino ShangriLa uses licensed slot machines, in the code of the page we found the data on the control server. This is what it looks like in the screenshot.

Checking slot machines servers for HTML5

If online slots work not in Flash but in HTML5, it is convenient to use Mozilla Firefox browser for checking. After starting the slot, you need to right click on the screen, select “Explore Item”, and in the window that appears at the bottom of the page – the item “Network”. Now you need to spin the reel and view the requests to the server in the column “Domain”. The address of the server whose databases are accessed by the slot must match the original one.

Be careful when checking the addresses, every character should match. Not so long ago, there were playmers in the network, who used the domain, that is, only one letter different from the original NetEnt. Glancing at a glimpse, even responsible players who check the originality of slots in new casinos, were mistaken and lost money.

Be sure to use our tips when playing in unfamiliar casinos, not to lose money and not to spoil your mood. Better yet, don’t take chances and play only at licensed online casinos.

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