How to bypass blocking online casino sites

When trying to go to the pages of some online casinos, you may encounter blocking. Online casino web resources can be blocked in certain regions according to legislative initiatives. What to do if the site is blocked? It is necessary to learn how to bypass blockages… Fortunately, it is quite easy to do and in most cases it is free.

How to get to a blocked site

So, you just need to get to a blocked site, for example, to read the rules, get contact information or download software. You do not plan to play, and you want to enter the site once, so you do not want to install something. Or you want to enter from a corporate computer, where you just can not install additional software or even browser plug-ins. You can say that these are options for an emergency, either when you are in a hurry or when you have no other options. Then the following methods come to your attention.

  1. Anonymizers. Anonymizers – these are sites mediators, who download the desired page for you and send you. In this case, you are not accessing the blocked site, but the anonymizer, so that the blocking does not affect you. The advantage of this method is that it works in any browser and does not require any additional installations. Just go to the anonymizer site, specify the site you want to open, and you get the page, you can walk around the site, download software. Unfortunately, this method has disadvantages. There are few working anonymizers now, the technology is quite old. As a consequence, anonymizers can display poorly modern sites, they often have low download speeds, they usually do not support flash and may not work with a secure connection. So it is unlikely you will be able to play through anonymizer, although it is usually possible to log in and check the account.
  2. Google Translate (Google Translator). You can use Google Translate to see the site. You just start the service, indicate which page you want to “translate,” and select “show original” at the top right. By and large, the translator Google will work as an anonymizer. But here you are unlikely to be able to download files, and you can not log in, it is an option only for viewing information.

These methods work, but they are not very convenient, they have too many restrictions. On the computer from which you constantly play, it is recommended to set one of the options described below.

How to bypass blocking online casino sites

How to play on a blocked site

Most players want to have full access to the desired sites without any restrictions, with the ability to log in, bet, play, download, etc. And organizing it is not that difficult. Yes, you’ll have to spend a few minutes first to install the necessary programs or plugins, but then you will have full access to the necessary or any sites. We recommend using one of the options below.

  1. Browser plugins from casinos. Many domestic casinos offer their own plugins to access their sites. Usually their installation is advertised directly on the main page, and often for the installation are also offered some additional bonuses. Plugins exist for all popular browsers that support the installation of plugins, ie Chrome, FireFox, Opera. On the pages of the casino you will find fairly detailed instructions on how to install, I think you will not have any problems. These plugins will allow you quick and easy access, but only to one or more casinos from one group. All other sites will remain blocked, so it’s not the most universal method.
  2. Universal browser plugins. The casinos started to make their own plug-ins because the technology has been worked out for a long time; universal browser plug-ins are offered by companies specializing in computer security and anonymity on the net. They are installed similarly to the casino plugins. You open the browser tab add-ons, look for the necessary, install, activate, if possible – choose the country, through whose servers you will go to sites. Here are a few popular plugins: many players use the plugin FriGate, you can also try HideMe, HideMyAss, etc. These plugins will allow you to go to absolutely any blocked sites, even casinos, even torrents, even porn ;). True, their speed may not be very high, the loading pages and games will go slower than usual.
  3. Proxy servers. Proxy servers are just another intermediary site through which your traffic goes. Originally they were used for caching popular requests and filtering visited pages, that is why they were most often installed on corporate computers. And now in the settings of any browser you can set up a proxy server, through which the traffic will go. But now proxies are not very popular. There are still sites that display lists of available servers, but they are usually slow and not very long-lived. So unless you have access to something exclusive, it’s not a very convenient option.
  4. VPN in the Opera browser. Some time ago, it was possible to bypass some blocking by using the “Turbo” function in the Opera browser. But this option does not allow you to play flash games, and it does not always work. Now there is a great solution to bypass any blockages – the built-in VPN. VPN – Virtual Private Network was originally used to access the corporate network from home. This option of using and now has not lost relevance, but now the VPN has been actively used and just to change the IP-address to another country and here to bypass blocking. VPN connection forms a secure encrypted tunnel through which your traffic goes to the VPN server. And the server, which is in another country, already quietly requests blocked sites and forwards them to you. You can enable the function through the menu “Settings/Security/Allow VPN”, in this case, next to the address bar in the blue background will be labeled VPN. By clicking on it, you can choose the server of what country will be used. It is recommended to use European ones. The download speed is only a little slower than usual, all the features of casinos, rooms and bookmakers are fully accessible. At the moment, this is the recommended way to bypass blocking!

How to play if the software is blocked

If you have downloaded and installed the casino, poker room or bookmaker software on your computer, smartphone or tablet, then you can safely play at the moment, you are not afraid of blocking. Our authorities have not started to block the programs yet, but who knows, maybe they will get their hands on them too. So just in case, get acquainted with the ways to bypass the blocking of any software, both browser and gaming client. We will talk about computer versions, but in general most solutions are also available for gadgets.

  1. VPN. VPN has already been discussed in the previous part of the article. VPN is built into the Opera browser, which allows you to open any sites and play on them without any problems. This is probably the best solution for most players. But in general, the VPN allows you to direct all traffic through foreign servers, which are not affected by the blocking. You create a secure and encrypted tunnel from your computer to the VPN server, and it already sends requests to the right addresses and the answer sends you. If the channel at the VPN server is good, then you almost do not notice the drop in speed, but you get full access to bypass blockades. There are two main ways to work with a VPN: you can manually add a new Internet connection by means of Windows or download a special program that will do it for you. In principle, both options are quite easy to implement, spend a few minutes, then everything will work. Usually, the method is dictated by the VPN service you use. There are free VPN services, usually they are slower, with less choice of countries and with a limit on traffic (but this limit of a few hundred MB per day is more than enough for the player). By the way, some anti-viruses now offer VPN services, for example, has such a Kaspersky and 360 Total. There are services for a fee, usually around a few dollars a month, but with better quality of work. In general, the choice is yours, but most players will do and free option if necessary. Just remember that all traffic will go through a VPN, so do not select the limit, do not run at the same time as the game to download or watch videos, etc.
  2. TOR network. You’ve probably heard about the TOR network, which allows you to surf anonymously. It is a distributed network where information is transmitted between network nodes in an encrypted and anonymous form. Many people use only the TOR browser to bypass blocking or to surf anonymously, but any kind of traffic can be let through this network. In general, for anonymous surfing this is an interesting option, but not so much for gamers. The thing is that you will get a new IP address almost every time, and without a country choice. As a result, not any security service of the institution will look at it calmly. And the installation is more complicated than in the case of VPN, and the speed is usually lower.
  3. SOCKS proxies. In the previous article, we discussed proxies that can help you bypass browser blocking. SOCKS are advanced proxies that work not only with browser traffic, but with any traffic. Find a working SOX proxy, use a special proxy program, and the application launched with it will bypass blocking. However, SOXs have the same disadvantages as usual proxies – it is usually difficult to find a fast and long-lived proxy. Although, if you have access to hosting abroad, you can easily set up your own SOCKS-server there, and the price will not be more expensive than paid VPN, but you will have a personal unmarked IP. But this is a topic for advanced users.

How to bypass blocking from a cell phone

Mobile versions of gambling sites are becoming more and more popular. Up to half of players and even more now play at the casino and do not bet from desktop computers or laptops, but from phones or tablets (in poker the percentage is slightly lower). All global casino software vendors release new games either using universal HTML5 platform that works on PCs and mobile devices, or offer a separate mobile version. At the moment you can find several hundreds of the best games in the mobile version in large Western casinos. Similarly, all bookmakers and major poker rooms/networks have mobile versions.

How to bypass blocking online casino sites
Unfortunately, blocking also applies to mobile versions of gambling sites, especially since individual applications, which are harder to block, are now offered, in fact, only by some poker rooms. Fortunately, site mirrors will work from mobile devices as well, so click on the links on the pages of the respective casinos and poker rooms, and you’ll be happy. If there is no working mirror, let’s see how you can bypass the obstacles and get to a blocked casino, poker room, bookmaker site from your cell phone.

  1. The easiest option is to use the traffic compression function in your mobile browser. In Opera, this feature appeared first and was called Turbo. In Google Chrome you have to go to the settings and select the item “Traffic saving”, similar settings are available in many mobile browsers. In this case, the traffic will go through the browser servers (and except for Yandex, all other creators of browsers are located abroad), which will act as a kind of proxy server and allow you to access many sites. In the case of domestic institutions, you are likely to be simply redirected to a working mirror, where you can continue to play without problems. Unfortunately, for Western casinos, this method may not work. Most likely, you will not be able to access blocked sites through a secure protocol, and thus will not be able to log in and play.
  2. The most reliable way is to use a VPN. Go to Google Play or iTunes, type “VPN” into your search and choose from dozens of apps offering free VPN. If you’ve read the article about blocking circumvention, you know what a VPN is. If not, let me remind you briefly: all your traffic is encrypted and goes to the VPN server through a secure channel. Already from there go requests to the sites, so if the server is abroad, it has no problem accessing the site and pass its content to you. Not only sites will work through the VPN, but also any application, if someone suddenly blocks them. In general, install an app with a VPN, run it, and enjoy access to the sites you want, although slower than directly.

As you can see, bypassing blockades from mobile devices is pretty easy, so have a good game!

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